92 – Vermont’s Toughest – David Smith

This episode is a one off series with my friend and fellow endurance enthusiast David Smith.  The subject of this episode is a race that is not as well known, but does this race pack a punch in the means of venue, experience, and most importantly the value.  Coming in at a whopping $150 for a full distance triathlon this race is one of the cheapest I have had a pleasure of talking about so far.  But the views.  The views are breath taking.  The experience that David talks about is just amazing. You have to check out the pictures he sent me for this race. You’ll notice I don’t mention any times below, this is because at this race, time, speed, FTP, and all of that goes out the window. This race isn’t for everyone, but everyone should do a race like this at least once.

Weather that day:  67 - 83

Water:  67


Age Group: No Age Groups

Height:   5’11”

Weight:  165lbs

Calories per hour:  200-250

None of this matters


Gender Rank: N/a

Division Rank: N/a

Overall Rank:  N/a


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