Consultation for Race Season Preparation


  1. Will discuss in detail your strengths, weaknesses and help your find your best races based on experience I have gained through the podcast.

  2. Will use what I have learned through the podcast to help plan your race season to best fit your life, work, and help you have the best time on your chosen race course.

  3. This consists of a 75 minute to 90 minute interview with a follow up of 20 minutes.


Triathlon and Endurance Coaching

This includes:

1.    Unlimited communication, via phone, text, facetime, and email.

2.    Bi-weekly video notes walking you through the previous week’s data, and explaining the upcoming week’s workouts, expectations, requirements and needs.

3.    Race Plans for your goal race, detailing how you should best tackle the race best for your ability.

4.    A Facebook group for community support and for viewing weekly videos and daily discussion on an array of topics related to training.

5.   Custom workouts for swim, bike, run, and strength.

6.   Discounts for a Nutritionist that is certified in Sports Nutrition.

7.  Goals to target specific athlete for the course of their race and check those off accordingly, from week to week.

8.   Custom Zone calculations.

9.   Race Report template.

10.  Intake form.

11.  RoadID of your selection for safety and peace of mind.

12.  Same day response to text and phone calls, E-mails are 48-hour response time.

13.  On the spot adjustments for scheduling issues.

14.  Annual training plan (ATP) set once per year for "A Race" with adjustments as needed.

I strive for perfection in all I do.  Because of this, athletes must understand that consistency is needed.  For this reason, I require athletes to complete more than 95% of their assigned workouts with the exception of injury, sickness or other unforeseen life events.  If you struggle with consistency in your training, I may not be the coach for you.


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