I'm Coach Terry Wilson

Born and raised in a small town in Dyersburg, Tennessee.  Grew up running and involved in cross country, track, then in 2006, I started my endurance racing career with the half marathon. To say I was an avid runner would be putting it lightly. In 2009 before my first deployment in the U.S. Army, I ran 12 half marathons, a Marathon, and several other fun runs. 


2006 - 2012

I served in the U.S. Army Reserves for a total of six years and two years inactive.  I am a proud Combat Engineer.  It was my job as lead Husky driver to find improvised explosive devices (IEDs) in order to keep my brothers in arms safe and the local population safe.  During this deployment, prior to being assigned the job of Husky Driver, I was blown up by three IEDs in the Buffalo A2.  It is due to the engineers and designers at Force Protection I am still alive today.  


2012 - 2014

In 2012, I moved from Tennessee to Carrollton, Texas to work for a company called Critical Solutions International.  I became a civilian contractor and was a Field Service Representative for them for two years. It was while I was with this company that I was sent back to Afghanistan as one of the youngest civilians in operations in Afghanistan.  It was in 2013, that I suffered the tragic loss of my mother who was killed by a driver that swerved into her lane of traffic.  The Tennessee Highway Patrol officers stated that the cause of the accident was the other driver playing on their phone.  Both drivers lost their life that night.



After returning home from Afghanistan the second time, I married the love of my life, AnnMarie on December 13, 2014.



I dove headfirst into endurance and built up all the way to the 140.6 distance.  I completed Ironman Chattanooga that year.  I also started coaching just before then.  While I had been giving plans out for years to athletes I knew informally, and learning some things here and there, it wasn't until that December that I held my first give away in order to give back to the triathlon community.  I was also told by my friend, mentor, and fellow coach Harold Wilson, that I should go back to school to get my degree.  


2016 - Present

All about coaching and education.  This is where I have dedicated the main focus of my life is to learning how to be a better coach, the science behind it all, and learn that knowledge is great, but if you can't teach it to others, it is useless.  I've had many athletes complete Ironman distance races, half ironman distance races, ultra long swims, marathons, half marathons, and even 5Ks. I’ve found what I love to do and where I can fully invest my energy, and I see myself doing much more of this in the future. Stay tuned.