Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Who am I?

    1. Check out my bio on this page.

  2. What you should expect to learn?

    1. Tips to help your training, your racing, your outlook on races.  The goal of the race is for me to provide such an insight that you can learn what a race is like and experience their race through their eyes.  They shed light on what they did, learned, and I ask for advice from everyone.

  3. What type of people do I have on the show?

    1. I interview all athletes, period.  I want to hear from athletes of all abilities levels, all backgrounds, all struggles and difficulties.  I’ve had professional, age groupers, back of the packers, para athletes, athletes that are new to the sport, athletes that have 20+ years in the sport.  Regardless of where you are, I’m wanting to hear from you.

  4. What episodes are my favorites?

    1. This paired with the question of, “I just found your show, where should I start?” is asked often.  I’d say start with a race you want to know more about.  If you want to listen to all of them go for it.  If you want to listen to just professionals you can. But if you want my personal favorites, these are the ones that have made myself emotional during the recording process or really powerful episodes. These episodes are some that I have listened to find motivation or find something special. I know I have interviewed many talented athletes, but these are my personal favorites that I like to listen to again and again.  I could list more, but here’s the short list.  Here’s that list:

      1. Episode 39 with Nicole Garner. 

      2. Episode 69 with Brain Aubuchon.

      3. Episode 86 with Rachel McBride.

      4. Episode 131 with Kris Cordova.

      5. Episode 135 with Brain Aubuchon.

      6. Episode 137 with Amy VT

      7. Episode 145 with Tom Deakins

      8. Episode 147 with Danielle Dingman.

      9. Episode 155 with Emma Adrieans

      10. Episode 164 with Julian Summers

      11. Episode 183 with Joanna Gaines

      12. Episode 203 with Rebecca McKee.

      13. Episode 205 with Jana Richtrova.

      14. Episode 208 with Amy VT.

      15. Episode 234 with Chris Pollack

  5. What made you start the podcast?

    1. The podcast came from the idea of sharing golden nuggets with athletes that other athletes have.  I wanted to create a platform to do this.  The result is the podcast.

  6. What Equipment do you use?

    1. Here’s a link for all my equipment.

  7. Out of all the interviews you’ve conducted which race is your most desired race that you want to do and why?

    1. IRONMAN© Frankfurt & IRONMAN© Mont Tremblant. These races are just on a different level.  They set the bar higher than Kona, the race directors know what they are doing and create an experience that is worthwhile.  I’d love to do Mont Tremblant because of all the races I’ve interviewed, only one race director reached out to me and that was the Race Director of Mont Tremblant.  My respect for him is very high, and I would do that race in a heart beat.

  8. What race has the worst race experience and will you not do?

    1. For me personally, I am glad this race is no longer on the circuit.  But IRONMAN© 70.3 Raleigh was an absolute shit show of a race. The sunset year was in 2018, thankfully.

  9. What’s one piece of advice that will help most athletes?

    1. Do the damn work. Even on the days that you don’t want to, just do the work!

  10. Common nutrition practices, what have you found that works?

    1. On the bike, I recommend 300-350 calories. On the run, ~100-120 calories per hour works fine.

  11. Who do you want to have on the podcast you haven’t yet?

    1. Pros:

      1. Michelle Vesterby

      2. Lucy Charles

      3. Meredith Kessler

      4. Holly Lawrence

      5. Mirinda Carfrae & Tim Odonnell

      6. Lucy Charles

      7. Patrick Lange

      8. Lionel Sanders

      9. Angela Naeth

      10. Matt Russell

      11. Ben Hoffman

      12. Jesse Thomas

    2. Age groupers:

      1. The age grouper who has struggled with issues I can relate to that was defeated and never gave up, came back, and got after it again.  Someone who has preserved through hardships.

      2. An age grouper who is enduring chemotherapy.

      3. An age grouper who found this sport and it has made a life changing experience.

      4. Someone who has more than 10 DNF’s at the full distance triathlon

      5. Someone who DNF’d by less than 1 minute.

  12. What number of hours should I train at for a 70.3 versus a full?

    1. I’ve seen and heard of great numbers.  I’d recommend finding confidence through workouts that give you the most confidence on race day in training.  But for numbers, no less than eight hours a week for a 70.3 distance triathlon and no less than 13 for a triathlon of 140.6 miles.  These numbers represent the most hours in one week of training, at the top end of training.

  13. What PSI should I ride at?

    1. Depends on the road quality. If the roads are crap, beat up, and chip seal, I’d run lower than normal. If nearly perfect, I’d run more than I normally run.

  14. How important if finding a race that fits my strengths versus find a race that fits my budget?

    1. Gosh, this question is like always something to consider. It’s hard to find the balance.  In this sport budget is important.  Go with budget first, then go with strengths.  If you can wait until the budget is better for a race that’s better for your strengths, wait.  It’s okay.