83 - Challenge Roth - Emily Koch

In this singlet episode, I talk with my friend Emily Koch about her race experience at Challenge Roth in Germany.  We dive in head first and talk about logistics, training, and balance of work, long trainer rides, and the race itself.  You’ll enjoy this refreshing race recap and pick up on several tricks that you can use when traveling to any race. Her bucket list is truly inspiring but her reasons for being in the sport is even better.



Weather that day:  50 - 73

Water:  Wetsuit Legal


Age Group: F 35 - 39

Height:   5’9”

Weight:  155

Calories per hour:  300

PSI for this course:  90

Depth of Wheels:  Disc (rear)/ 44mm (front)

Swim – 1:22:02

T1 – 5:11

Bike – 6:27:13

T2 – 3:07

Run – 4:42:25

Total Race Time:  12:39:55

Overall Rank: 222


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Transition Area

Transition Area