84 – ITU Duathlon World Championships – Mike Buenting

In this episode of the Pursuit of the Perfect race I talk with Coach Mike Buenting about his recent race at the ITU World Championship Duathlon.  This is a standard duathlon distance with a 10K run followed by a 40K bike ride followed by a 5K run.  We talk and discuss the qualifying process, then travel logistics, strategy at this level, and some issues regarding traveling with his bike. He was able to pass on some much needed information regarding his mindset into this type of race when things do not go as planned.


Weather that day:  61 - 72

Water:  No Swim


Age Group: M 40-44

Height:   5’11”

Weight:  148lbs

PSI for this course:  100lbs

Depth of Wheels: 50mm (Front)/90mm(Rear)

Run – 32:13

T1 – 1:36

Bike – 58:03

T2 – 2:07

Run – 19:58

Total Race Time:  1:53:57

Gender Rank: 10

Division Rank: 10/40

Overall:  64/290


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