51 - IRONMAN© 70.3 Hawaii - Elaine & Tony

I begin the IRONMAN© Hawaii 70.3 series with my friends Elaine and Tony about the relay team they did together.  They were in Hawaii when I we recorded this episode and let me tell you, the view was amazing and you’ll be able to hear the birds in the background.  They talk about how the relay team works and some of the fun parts of the race. 


 Weather that day:  56 - 90

Water:  60ish


Calories per hour: ~200

Swim – 52:07

T1 – 6:54

Bike – 4:17:55

T2 – 2:37

Run – 2:44:54

Total Race Time:  8:04:25

Gender Rank: N/A

Division Rank:   33rd

Overall Rank:  1196


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Elaine with Mike Riley

Elaine with Mike Riley