63 – IRONMAN© 70.3 Eagleman - Adam Otstot Professional Triathlete

This episode is with Adam Otstot who is a professional triathlete and has been doing triathlons for more than 13 years and an endurance athlete more than 15 years.  He shares secrets of what it’s like to race at the Pro level and how to enjoy the sport as well.  While he is a professional triathlete he is also a Curriculum Coordinator for a school as well.  Adam contributes a lot to his loving and understanding wife, he said without her there is no way he could be where he is in the sport. This was a race that was done back to back like many other races professionals do where he does a race nearly every weekend.  The travel and lodging to this race is very similar to what many age groupers do, and everyone can learn from this episode.


Weather that day:  68 - 82

Water:  75.3


Age Group: PRO

Height:   5’10”

Weight:  150lbs

Calories per hour: ~300

PSI for this course:  95 - 100

Swim – 26:33

T1 –2:07

Bike – 2:04:46

T2 – 2:56

Run – 1:19:10

Total Race Time:  3:55:32

Gender Rank: 2

Division Rank:  2

Overall Rank: 2


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Cody Beals:  @Cody.beals (Instagram)



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