266 - IRONMAN© 70.3 Texas – Jenny Dupre

In this episode I talk with returning guest Jenny Dupre about her race in Galveston. Jenny is an amazing athlete, friend, and she is really humble when it comes to her race.  She was unable to finish officially due to the weather.  She talks about how some of her training was different this year versus last year and even how some firefighters were able to come to the rescue one time.  Thanks for sharing your story Jenny! Good Luck in Santa Rosa!



Weather that day:  50-70ish

Water:  WSL


Age Group: F35-39

Height: 5'7"

Weight: 123

Calories per hour: 150

PSI for this course: 95

Depth of Wheels: 808's

Bike Elevation Gain: 328ft

Run Elevation Gain: 220ft

Swim: 39:14

T1: 3:13

Bike: 2:48:58

T2: 1:28

Run: -

Total Race Time: DNF

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