IMTX70.3 2019

270 - IRONMAN© 70.3 Texas – Tiffany Baek

In this episode I conclude the 2019 Texas 70.3 series.  I talk with another athlete who was unable to finish the race.  Tiffany is such a humble and gracious person overall.  We talk about how she trained and raced, but also how the weather turned and how this impacted her emotionally as well.  She was on the bike when the storm hit, and this alone is enough to scare most people.  This storm was large enough to actually cancel the race and not allow nearly 85% of the field to finish.  Family is very important to Tiffany and her husband and the way that she looks forward it is very evident that she has the mental strength to face nearly anything put in front of her.  Thank you Tiffany for coming on the show, I enjoyed talking with you!


Weather that day:  50-70ish

Water:  WSL


Age Group:  F35-39

Height:   4’11.5”

Weight:  125

Calories per hour: 200

PSI for this course:  110

Depth of Wheels: Stock

Bike Elevation Gain: 328ft

Run Elevation Gain: 220ft

Swim: 58:28

T1: 7:35

Bike:   n/a

T2:  n/a

Run: n/a

Total Race Time:  DNF

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