307 - IRONMAN© 70.3 Traverse City – Scott Kadous

In short he could not have imagined this race going any better considering all things going into the race. Scott and his coach made a race plan that was manageable knowing there was no true taper and there were bigger goals for the season. The goals for the race were not unrealistic which in return kept him motivated during the race as he hit each of them. As a result of this Scott obtained PR's in all three events with nearly a top 10 finish.


Weather that day:  81

Water Temperature: 70

Age Group:  M30-34

Height:  6'2"

Weight: 171

Calories per hour: 309

Nutrition Company used: Infinit Nutrition

PSI for this course:    

Depth of Wheels:  100F 103R

Bike Elevation Gain:  2500

Run Elevation Gain:  300

Swim: 38:15

T1: 2:46

Bike:  2:23:49

T2:  1:47

Run:  1:28:01

Total Race Time:  4:34:18

Gender Rank:  34OA 11Amatuer

Division Rank:  6th

Overall Rank: 40th


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Instagram:  @kadousisloose


Coach:  Andy Potts


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Instagram:  @PerfectRacePodcast