315 - IRONMAN© 70.3 Sunshine Coast - Scott Bayvel

The race went fantastically. Scott loved the race, spectators and the atmosphere of the entire race. Volunteers and spectators lined the whole run course and transition areas. We discuss some of the highs going into the race as well as what it’s like to race quick and talk about his race at Kona!


Weather that day: 59

Water Temperature: 73

Age Group:   M25-29

Height:   5'11"

Weight:   147

Calories per hour: 200 calories, then coke and water on the run

Nutrition Company used: UCAN

Depth of Wheels: 40mm Zipp 404's

PSI for this course:   110

Bike Elevation Gain: 373m

Run Elevation Gain:   98m

Swim: 23:32

T1: 2:05

Bike:    2:18

T2: 1:39

Run: 1:16:53

Total Race Time:   4:02:27

Gender Rank:  9

Division Rank: 1

Overall Rank: 11


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