157 – IRONMAN© 70.3 Super Frog – Jonathan Feddock

In this episode of the Pursuit of the Perfect Race, I talk with my friend and returning guest Jonathan Feddock. Recently he did Norseman, but now he’s been training and leading up to his race day over on the big island.  He uses Super Frog as a way to gauge fitness and access where he is.  While this was quite far from an easy swim, he passes on some tips to use in situations such as a rough ocean swim.  Thanks for coming back on the show Dr. Feddock, I appreciate you coming on and sharing your experience.  Good Luck next weekend at Kona.

Weather that day:  64-80

Water:  wetsuit legal


Age Group: M 35 - 39

Height:   6’0”

Weight:  168

Calories per hour: 350

PSI for this course:  110

Depth of Wheels: DiscR/808F

Swim – 31:26

T1 – 2:57

Bike – 2:19:26

T2 – 1:29

Run – 1:35:57

Total Race Time:  4:31:12

Gender Rank: 18

Division Rank: 5

Overall Rank:  18


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