IRONMAN© 70.3 Chattanooga

Chattanooga, Tennessee



This is in the south in America and a great wonderful city.  This is a great first timer race or an advanced race. This race is a river swim, point to point.  It is also a down river swim which allows novice triathletes to get an advantage for the swim and get more forward.  Notable about this, is athletes must go up stream just a bit, like 200 yards or so, then go across, then downstream. The transition area for T1 is a bit long.  I believe it could be adjusted and still made fair by moving the entrance to the bike racks to the left coming from the river.  Right now, athletes have to go to the center of the transition, back to the furthest point from the bike out just to get into transition.   This is annoying.  By eliminating this and moving the path of transition, it would still be fair for all athletes but it would eliminate 200 yards from the course.  Also, in T1 there is an uphill.  Wet suit strippers are present here. The bike course is very engaging. Road quality is fair to better than most.  Not perfect.  There are some solid hills to climb and false flats.  Drafting isn’t a real issue here.  The run features a two loop course and is well stocked with aid stations that have themes. This is Amazing!  Kona-Nooga is by far the best aid station.  Well marked with Gatorade, red bull, cookies, pretzels, and water.  But there are hills, exposed to the sun, and places where you need to be good at being in your own head. The finish is down a hill and into the chute.  Great course.

Would I do this race?  Yes! Love this race